domenica 23 maggio 2010

work in progress for a novel

Claudio Cap Capellini showreel 09

my aftergraduation showreel enjoy

officina opensource 8 march spot

my roadtrip throught the west side of united states

one week, two cars, four states visited, nine guys from all over the world and a lot of fun visiting thedeath valley, Las Vegas, the Grand Canyon, Mexico and Los Angeles

sad story

as I don't have anymore a scanner, this are the photos of a series of illustration that I made on my moleskin. This isn't really referred to the slipknot vocalist corey talylor, beside the using of his mask, eitherway it's in a way more autobiographic.

Excelsior Rising

Documentary made for the san francisco state university's class "Documentary for social and health justice". Here the synopsis
The Excelsior, a culturally rich, working-class neighborhood of San Francisco, experienced eight violent murders in 2008. After nearly 9 months with no homicides, Excelsior is shocked with the news of a vicious and unprovoked murder on October 12, 2009. This random act of violence throws the community into a turbulent state, uncertain about their neighborhood's safety. Through the voices of community leaders, local activists, and neighborhood residents, Excelsior Rising explores the mechanics of how a small, close-knit community begins to take steps to strengthen relationships and improve safety by starting right at the heart of the community.

Here the link for seeing the movie


animation class in san francisco

assassins creed2


A documentary about the strange fate of a shortmovie based on the famous italian comix Valentina


ah ah..............ah..........

another false spectative

zombie mc

Following the collaboratin with dalee mc and dj rahraw this was a promotional myspace draw


not much stuff made, still working on it. I'm using luxology modo, autodesk mud box, and I used the Unreal engine to make a machinima stage.


corey wallpaper

wallpaper formy desktop made few day after the italian slipknot concert in Milan

dalee mc reality show

one day shooting videoclip, for dalee mc. For this videoclip I was the camera operator


not a true sky

trials for an animation project, which intended to mix rotoscope animation and compositing animation in order to create a morphing background following the original picture style used for esch scene

trials for an anymore animation project